Hello !

I am teaching Mathematics for High Schools in Jerusalem.
I have written over 50 Programs for Algebra,Geometry and Vectors.
All Programs are Color Coded for improved Memory and Comprehension.
You are invited to download these Programs to improve your Grades !
Happy Learnings !
Erwin Gelber
Color Mathematics


About colormath

I am teaching Mathematics in High Schools . I have written 50 Programs using a Color Coded System for easy Comprehension and improved Memory for Abstract Definitions. Colored Texts and Graphs help YOU to save your Brain Energy - otherwise you will wast it on endless searchings !!! My Programs teach the following Subjects : Algebra , Geometry, Analytic Geometry,Calculus, Trigonometry and Functions. We have also a Graphic Scientific Calculator a Graphic Scientific Editor for Teachers and Logical Games you will enjoy !!! My Programs can be downloaded Free of Charge from : http://colmath1.com You need Windows XP to run my Programs !! If you have any Questions you may contact me by e-mail. Happy Learning and Teaching !! Erwin Gelber "Color Mathematics"
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